We Specialize in Small to Midsize Parties ~ Weddings & Events

Tents can be arranged for standing room, cathedral style seating (rows) or table seating. We have many options for tent sizes, styles, and layouts. Take a look at our available options and call (518) 678-5541 or contact us today for a quote!

Pole Tents

Name / SizePriceDetailsSuggested Arrangements
20' x 20' $200   n/a
20' x 30' $250   n/a
20' x 40' $290   n/a
30' x 40' $410 Accommodates 56 guests + 8 Bridal Party Layout
30' x 60' $590   Layout 1 | Layout 2 | Layout 3
40' x 40' $600   Layout 1 | Layout 2
40' x 60' $850   Layout 1 | Layout 2
40' x 80' $1150 Accommodates up to 192 guests + 12 Bridal Party Layout 1 | Layout 2

Frame Tents

Marquee 9' x 10' $ 100.00
High Peak 15' x 15' $215.00
High Peak 20' x20' $225.00

Tent Walls

20' White Sidewalls $12.50
30' White Sidewalls $18.00
20' French Windows $22.00
30' French Windows $34.00

Since your event is personalized the information below depends on the type of event your hosting. We have 2 different types of tents that we offer:

Pole Tents: Can be installed on grass, gravel and blacktop and will have 1 or more center poles. Pole tents require a stake at every pole and need about 5 or more feet on the outside perimeter of the tent. Example: a 20X20 Pole requires 25 feet X 25 feet of surface. Note: If drilling is required for installation an additional fee will be charged. For installation on blacktop, stake holes will be refilled at removal.

Frame Tents: Although frame tents are a stand alone system staking is usually required, however each side leg does not need to be stake. We can use different forms of staking like : stakes or water barrels, We use the water barrels where using stakes is not allowed or staking is limited. Examples: parking lots, blacktop, concrete, patio decks, pools, tennis courts, etc.

Browse our selection of equipment available to rent in addition to our tents.

8' Banquet Table $9/ea sample
5' Round Table $9/ea sample
White $1.50/ea sample
Brown $1.00/ea sample
White Padded $3.00/ea sample
Dance Floor
Woodgrain vinyl $1.50/sq.ft. sample
Service Bar w/ Woodgrain Finish $65 sample
8' Skirted Bar Topper $70 sample
Rustic Wine Barrel Bar $185 sample
30" High Top Cocktail Tables $9/ea sample
Wine Barrels $42/ea sample
175,000 BTU Heater w/ 100lb Propane Tank $290  
Lighting & Electrical
Perimeter Lighting Call for Quote  
String Lighting (20x20 Tent) $40 sample
String Lighting (20x30 Tent) $60 sample
String Lighting (20x40 Tent) $75 sample
String Lighting (30x40 Tent) $90 sample
String Lighting (30x60 Tent) $140 sample
String Lighting (40x60 Tent) $140 sample
String Lighting (40x80 Tent) $195 sample
50' Extension Cord $12/ea  
100' Extension Cord $18/ea  
Misc / Other
Large Trash Receptacle w/ liner $12/ea  

Additional amenities may be available upon request. Please call to discuss.

A Delivery fee / fuel surcharge will apply to all rentals. Quotes vary on location, available upon request.

Call (518) 678-5541 or contact us today for a quote!